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Psychology of the Internet & Online Gaming:
Parent-Child Digital Divide and
Internet and Online Gaming Use, Abuse and Addiction

6 CE Credits - Online Course - $59.00

Co-developed by Ofer Zur, Ph.D. & Azzia Walker, B.A.

CE Credits (CEUs) for Psychologists, LMFTs, Social Workers, Counselors and Nurses
CE Accreditations by APA, BBS-CA, ASWB, NBCC, NAADAC, CA-BRN & more

This course is also offered as part of an Internet Addiction
Certificate Program of 26 CE Credits.

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Internet use by adolescents

Some of the questions that this unique course explores are: What is the impact of technology on children, families and the relationships between parents and children? What are the positive, neutral and negative psychological, educational and relational aspects of the Internet and online gaming? How can we help children reap the benefits of technology and gaming and avoid the pitfalls? How do various generations differ in their views and use of technology? Does multitasking reduce concentration, focus, comprehension and retention? How do we make sure that young children do not have access to harmful material online? Can online gaming be educational? How can we treat excessive self-destructive or addictive use of the Internet or online gaming? What are the effects on families and work environments when young people have greater mastery of technology than people of older generations? How do we achieve balance between virtual and non-virtual or online and offline lives?

Internet use by teachers and adolescents

The course includes articles by ground-breaking pioneers in the evolving field of Psychology of the Internet, Internet Addiction and online gaming. It includes the work of Dr. Larry Rosen, coiner of the term "techno-stress," Dr. Kimberly Young from on Internet Addiction, Dr. John Grohol from on Internet Addiction, Dr. John Suler on Psychology of the Internet, and Dr. Ofer Zur on digital natives and digital immigrants. The course also includes articles and videos by some of the most innovative and forward-thinking in the field of education and psychology of online gaming. This includes Dr. David Williamson Shaffer and Dr. James Paul Gee on the educational value of games for children's development and how games facilitate learning; and Mark Prensky on the digital divide and incorporating technology into our lives in a productive way.



Educational Objectives:

    This course will teach psychotherapists to:

  • Apply therapy techniques to Internet and online gaming, with sensitivity to the specific needs of gamers and Internet addicts.
  • Compare the communication tactics of older and younger generations, looking especially at their relationships with technology in order to heal disharmony in families and the workplace.
  • Identify possible triggers for Internet and gaming over-use, with a focus on what the Internet and gaming have to offer people, especially youth.
  • Review treatment options for Internet and online gaming over-use in order to provide a balanced, current perspective on what is available and appropriate.
  • Utilize educational games to harness the interest young people have in technology and use it for their betterment rather than their detriment.

Course Syllabus:

  • Psychology of Technology
    • How speed of life affects us
    • Psychology of Techno-stress
    • Psychology of Cyberspace
    • How interactions are shaped by medium
    • How psychotherapists can help parents

  • The Digital Divide
    • Parent generation and Baby Boomers versus children and young of Generations X, Y & Z and their relationships to technology
    • Communication in the workplace and families in the context of the Digital Divide
    • Baby Boomers (older people) as Digital Immigrants in a world of Digital Natives
    • The nature and meaning of multitasking
    • Social networking sites: Psychology and sociology

  • Internet Addiction
    • Is it a disorder?
    • Alternate views
    • Assessment
    • Treatment

  • Growing and Learning in the Digital Age and Through Gaming
    • What gaming has to offer education and development
    • How to utilize 21st century technology to help young people prepare for the world they inherit
    • Using games to teach management, creativity and healthy development

  • Resources¬†and Handouts to Clients
    • Online resources, books, and articles
    • Handouts for clients


For Authors' Bios, click here and click here


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