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Internet Pornography


This resource page is part of three Online Courses
Internet Pornography and Couples
Cybersex & Internet Sex Addiction
Internet Addiction: How to Assess and Treat the Disorder

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General Resources on Internet Porn

    Support Groups
  • - Dr. Carnes' Online Resources - Dr. Patrick Carnes is the leading authority on sex addiction and his site offers addiction and recovery resources.
  • Sexual Addiction Support Groups - A page of links to self-help organizations for people struggling with sexual compulsion, including cybersex addiction. Groups listed include 12-Step programs such as Sex Addicts Anonymous. (Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources)
  • Sex Addiction Help - Sex Addiction Help offers resources and recommended readings for help with sex addiction issues and a list of therapists in the San Francisco Bay area.


Resources for Therapists


CA new 2014 law: AB-1775


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