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for Psychotherapists, Counselors & Mental Health Practitioners, Including
Those Who Want to Thrive in Fee-For-Service Private Practice Outside Managed Care



Clinical Forms Revised
1.    60 Essential Clinical Forms - Revised 2016:

Our most popular product used by thousands of therapists!

* This kit is continuously updated. It includes the changes to the ICD-10, updated HIPAA Regulations (i.e.,Omnibus or Final Rule), and other changes which were introduced in 2016.

Available immediately (ONLY as Word.doc). Includes updated, ready-to-adapt essential clinical forms that all therapists must have (view here). FormsJust type your name and letterhead on the forms, adapt to your practice, and you are ready to give it to your clients.

These (non-HIPAA) forms include detailed Office Policies, Biographical Questionnaires, Treatment Plans, Consents, Releases, Sample bills, reports and letters, Marketing Plan and many other necessary forms.

Clinical Forms Download (ONLY as Word.doc):
Solo Practitioner: $99.00
Small Practice (2-4 Clinicians): $149.00
Small Group (5-10 Clinicians): $299.00



HIPAA Kit Revised 2.    HIPAA Compliance Kit 8th Edition

The HIPAA Kit and HIPAA Forms were revised in June 2016 to include the latest regulations and are available online in pdf format and word doc so you can access them instantaneously and modify them as necessary. You can copy the HIPAA Forms to your word processing program, insert your letterhead and name, make other necessary changes, adapt them to your particular practice, and you're all set. Be HIPAA Compliant The HIPAA Kit and Forms are not available in hard copy.

Geared towards psychologists, counselors, social workers and other psychotherapists in private practice.

  • Updated 2016
  • Review the Kit's contents
  • The Kit includes:
    • HIPAA Compliance Kit
    • Simple steps to becoming compliant
    • HIPAA Compliance Checklists & Billing Options
    • Ready-to-use forms, such as the new mandatory Notice of Privacy
    • Risks Analysis
    • And much more!
    • Also available as an online course.

Offered immediately (PDF). NOTE: PDF download requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download your free version and install. Please make sure you can access pdf files before ordering.

HIPAA Kit and HIPAA Forms via .PDF download:

Solo Practitioner: $98.00
Small Practice (2-4 Clinicians): $149.00
Small Group (5-10 Clinicians): $299.00


Package of the Clinical Forms and HIPAA Compliant Kit for as low as $169 ** Order now


3.    The Complete Fee-For-Service Private Practice Handbook

  • 177 pages, 59 Topics, Hundreds of links & resources
  • Step-by-step guide to getting out of managed care and to market your fee-for-service private practice
Private Practice Handbook

  • Order Handbook online now and get it instantaneously.
  • This Handbook is available in a printable pdf.
  • Start your journey to freedom from managed care.
  • Follow your bliss - find your calling.
  • Review the Table of Contents.

Offered immediately (PDF). NOTE: PDF download requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download your free version and install. Please make sure you can access pdf files before ordering.

Qty @ $95.00:                                            



1.    Private Practice Essentials I

Solo Practitioner: $169.00
Small Practice (2-4 Clinicians): $270.00
Small Group (5-10 Clinicians): $570.00

2.    Private Practice Essentials II

Solo Practitioner: $199.00
Small Practice (2-4 Clinicians): $299.00
Small Group (5-10 Clinicians): $650.00


1.     Boundaries in Psychotherapy: Ethical and Clinical ExplorationsBoundries

By O. Zur, Ph.D. 2007, Published by American Psychological Association (APA).

This most comprehensive ground-breaking book on ethical therapeutic boundaries covers the following topics: Non-Sexual Touch, Therapist's Self-Disclosure, Gifts from and to Clients and Therapists, Dual Relationships: Social, Bartering, Home Visits, Fees, TeleMental Health - E-Therapy, Adventure Therapy, Attending Clients' Weddings, Incidental or Chance Encounters, Clothing, Language, Silence and much more . . . (Hard Cover). Detailed description of the book

Order the book from Amazon


Dual Relationships and Psychotherapy
2.    Dual Relationships and Psychotherapy

A. A. Lazarus, Ph.D., ABPP and O. Zur, Ph.D. (Eds), 2002, Springer: New York.

A cutting edge book that challenges the dogma of the depravity of dual relationships and other boundary crossings in therapy (hard cover). Detailed description of the book

Order the book from Amazon


Multiple Relationships in Psychotherapy and Counseling Book Cover
3.    Multiple Relationships in Psychotherapy & Counseling: Unavoidable, Common, and Mandatory Relations between Clients & Therapists

O. Zur, Ph.D. (Ed), 2017. Routledge: New York.

This first-of-a-kind analysis will focus exclusively on unavoidable and mandated multiple relationships between clients and psychotherapists. It will cover the ethics of a range of venues and situations where dual relationships are mandated, such as in the military, prisons/jails, and police departments, and settings where multiple relationships are unavoidable, such as rural communities, graduate schools and training institutions, faith, spiritual, recovery or 12-step, minority and disabled communities, total institutions, and sport psychology. It will also cover the complexities of social network ethics and digital dual relationships, such as clients becoming 'friends' or 'fans' on their therapists' social media pages are discussed. Finally, the book will discuss the complexities and multiple roles that inevitably emerge in supervisory relationships. Detailed description of the book

Pre-Order the book from Amazon or from Taylor & Francis Group LLC






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