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Data Security


Digital Ethics-General


E-Mails in Traditional f2f Therapy and in Telemental Health

Hushmail and other secure email services are a good idea, but many, if not most, clients balk at the extra hassle involved in using them to communicate with their therapists, and may choose to use the familiar and free, but unsecured, emails after being informed of the risk by their therapists (via an Informed Consent and e-mail signature.)

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Legal Issues with Emails & Websites


Ethics Codes


Facebook & Psychotherapy and Facebook Privacy Issues

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Use of FaceTime in TeleMental Health


Googling Clients


Media Psychology

  • Behnke, S. (2008, April). Reflections on media ethics for psychologists. Monitor on Psychology, 46-47.
  • McGarrah, N., Alvord, M., Martin, J., & Haldeman, D. (2009). In the public eye: The ethical practice of media psychology. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 40, 172-180.
  • Rutledge, P. What is media psychology?

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Skype in Telehealth

The use of Skype in telehealth has been proliferated in recent years. Some argue that Skype-to-Skype voice, video and instant message conversations are likely to be more secure that conventional landlines or cellular phone conversation, which are not encrypted. The fact that Skype can and has given information and access to law enforcement means they have access to session encryption keys, which probably means they must serve as a HIPAA Business Associate. However Skype neither provides BA Agreement nor claims to be HIPAA Compliant. Following are some resources that discuss whether Skype is a secure and/or HIPAA compliant format.


Social Media

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VSee Alternative to Skype


Use of Text in Traditional f2f Therapy and in Telemental Health


Yelp: Responding to Negative Postings

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Additional Resources

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Instructions for requesting accommodations for disabilities

Refund and Course Exchange Policies

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