Dear friend and colleague (6/22/07):

All three of us summated Kilimanjaro, yesterday, on June 21st. It was on the most memorable, awesome and challenging experience I have ever had. The view of the world and the glacier from the 'top of the world' were breathtaking.

From Eitan, whom the guides named Simba--lion in Swahili: "Climbing Kilimanjaro was a fantastic experience I wouldn't care to repeat."

Sarah was strong, capable and... color coordinated. While Eitan and I diligently praised the gods of anti-altitude sickness meds, Sarah summated without any meds.

It was an incredible experience of physical and emotional challenges, including hope, despair, joy, sense of awe and beauty, exhaustion and incredible sense of being supported. I have taken on many physical challenges in my life time and very few have matched this one. I barely remember the section of the climb from about 17,500 ft to the crater rim at 18,400 ft--very little air to breathe at this height. We were climbing in below freezing temperatures, on a steep and rocky climb. I felt weak and unsteady. I was told I looked feeble. Then, I was much more present to the next-last phase, of the walk at the top along the crater towards the summit at 19,300.

The three of us worked together really well, we laughed, teased and most importantly gave as much support as one needed at the different phases of the journey. It is nice to be down.

Grateful, thrilled and relieved,

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