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General Information - Overview

  • Basically 1 CE equals 1 hour of study. Generally each one (1) CE credit corresponds to one (1) hour of reading, watching or listening to course materials. If you read faster or if you are familiar with the material, you can finish the course faster.
  • Course material is comprised mostly of online articles. Some courses include an audio Audio File, video Video File or PowerPoint PowerPoint File file that may require extra software. These courses are marked clearly in the course pages. View all courses sorted by the type of course materials.
  • You can complete courses in one or more sittings over three years. Since courses require updating, the course/s you purchase will expire after three years.
  • You can read, watch or listen to the course material online, download and/or print it.
  • You can take the posttest as many times as you need to pass.
  • You will get your test results and a printable certificate instantaneously online.
  • The day you submit the evaluation (after you pass the posttest) is your course completion date. IMPORTANT NOTE: All times/dates are Eastern Standard Time.
  • It is the policy of Zur Institute to make every reasonable effort to provide qualified students with disabilities with the opportunity to take full advantage of its programs. To that end, all courses with audio and video have transcripts. Also, in addition to all webpages and course material, all posttests and evaluations are accessible by the visually-impaired.



When registering for our online courses, you will automatically have an individualized Home Page, now called "My Courses", with complete records of:

  • All the courses that you registered for.
  • Dates when you took the posttests and finish evaluations.
  • Links to printable certificates.

To access Your Home Page:

  • See the FAQs on Individual Profiles And Online Courses Home Pages for information about the exact steps for registration, creating an account, changing/correcting "My Account" Profiles including amending multiple licenses, and more information.
  • After your first order, you will be sent to Your Home Page. For new courses, you will see two buttons, "Content" & "Resume".
  • Once you have access to your Home Page, you can then access it from any of our Web pages by clicking on Sign In in the upper right corner. Use the email address you entered on your registration form and your password.
  • You can change your email address and/or password in your profile at any point.
  • If at all possible, use the email address in your profile to access Your Home Page and to register for other courses. Using a different email address will create a new Home Page and Profile. Using the email previously used will keep all Home Page information in one place.


The Process, Step-by-Step

STEP 1: Study the Course Materials
Click on the "Content" link to study the materials.

  • You may take three years to study the materials. You may print materials to study offline.
  • When finished, click on "Continue" at the bottom of the course materials page to proceed to the posttest. A link back to the materials will show on all pages.

STEP 2: Take the Posttest
Click on the "Content" or "Resume" link to access the materials and posttest to continue from where you saved.

  • Click on "Submit" when you have completed the test. You will be notified instantaneously of your grade.
  • If you do not pass, you will have the opportunity to take the test again.
  • If you want to save your answers and return at a later date, click on "Save" at the bottom of the posttest.
  • As these are open-book courses, you can print the posttest and follow along as you review the course material. You must then transfer your answers to the online posttest in order to progress to your certificate of completion.

STEP 3: Fill Out Evaluation
After you pass the posttest, you will be taken to the "Evaluation".
(You must submit an evaluation of the course in order to receive your certificate.)

  • The day you submit the evaluation (after you pass the posttest) is your course completion date. IMPORTANT NOTE: All times/dates are Eastern Standard Time.

STEP 4: Print your Certificate
Click on the "Print Certificate" link.

  • The certificate is archived for three years after the award date. It can be printed or re-printed at any time within that period.



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