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Private Practice Handbook

The Complete Fee-for-Service Private Practice Handbook

Seventh Edition REVISED 2017

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D


A comprehensive and thorough guide to building, maintaining, and managing a thriving fee-for-service private practice in the digital era, outside managed care.

  • Dozens of outside resources
  • Marketing plan template
  • Online marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Subpoenas
  • Professional wills
  • Ethics
  • And much, much more
  • Review the Table of Contents. Note: This product is only available in e-book/PDF format.

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Section 1: Private Practice - The Basics

Personal Vision: Where Would I Like to Be in 3 to 5 Years?
Private Practice Management
Management Resources
The First Phone Call: Your First, and Perhaps Only, Chance
Fees, Billing, and Collection
Billing: General and HIPAA
Malpractice Concerns
What To Do If a Suit Is Filed
Insurance-Liability Terminology
Professional Will
Deductible Business Expenses

Section 2: Management

Bartering in Psychotherapy

Section 3: Telehealth

Telehealth 101

Section 4: Marketing Your Private Practice

Marketing Section Overview
The Professional Website: A Must in the 21st Century
More Online Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Serving as an Expert Educator in One's Community
Self-Reflections On Marketing
Principles of Marketing
Therapists' Most Common Stumbling Blocks to Marketing
The Essentials Of A Marketing Plan
Theoretical Orientation & Approach to Marketing
How Can I Help You? A nonstandard, more effective approach
Explore Your Vocation-Calling
Marketing Plan
Track Your Referral Sources
Marketing Resources


Section 5: Marketing Resources for Managed-Care Free Practice

A Guide to UnManaged Care
How To Free Yourself From Managed Care
Step-by-Step Guide for the Managed-Care-Free Practitioner
The Million $ Question: Are you on my managed care panel?"
Managed-Care-Free Educational Brochure
The Managed-Care-Free Private Practice Kit: From fear and trepidation to joy and prosperity
It Can Be Done: Essentials for a Managed-Care-Free Practice

Section 6: Ethics, Risk Management, Boundaries, Dual Relationships & Digital Ethics

General Ethical Guidelines
The Standard of Care
Boundaries in Psychotherapy
Dual Relationships in Therapy
Ethical Risk Management: Preserving Our Clinical Integrity
Digital Ethics

Section 7: Effective Therapy & Critique of Therapy

Effective Therapy
Critique of Therapy
DSM: Diagnosing for Money & Power: Critique of the DSM
DSM vs. The Village: An Alternative Model of Inclusion

Section 8: Burnout and Calling

What is Burnout?
Burnout Among Therapists is No Accident
Taking Care of the Caretakers
Preventing Therapists' Burnout

Additional Resources

Services from Dr. Ofer Zur
Inviting Dr. Zur to Present, Lecture, or give a Keynote Address at Your Conference
Online Courses
E-Books and Forms
Free Online Resources (articles, videos, podcasts, blogs)


Instant PDF Download $95.00...

For those of you in private practice, see also
Clinical Forms
HIPAA Compliance Kit




Instructions for requesting accommodations for disabilities

Refund and Course Exchange Policies

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