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Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCC


Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCCDr. Williams is the founder and CEO of The Institute for Life Coach Training at As one of the early pioneers of coaching, Pat is often called the ambassador of life coaching. Pat has been a licensed psychologist since 1980 and began executive coaching in 1990 with Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kodak and other companies along the front range of Colorado. He is a member of PHI BETA KAPPA and CUM LAUDE graduate of Kansas University in 1972. He completed his masters in Humanistic Psychology in 1975 and doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology in 1977.

Pat joined Coach U in 1996, closed his therapy practice six months later and became a full time coach. Pat was a senior trainer with Coach U from 1997-1998. He then started his own coach training school, the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT) which specializes in training those with a human services orientation. ILCT has trained over 2,500 helping professionals and has opened offices in Korea, Turkey, Italy, China, and the UK.

Pat is department chair of the Coaching Psychology program at the International University of Professional Studies and has taught graduate coaching classes at Colorado State University and Denver University, City University of London and many others. He was also a curriculum consultant for the Coaching Certificate program at Fielding International University.

Pat is a past board member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and co-chaired the ICF regulatory committee. He is currently president of ACTO, the Association of Coach Training Organizations and an honorary VP of the Association of Coaching Psychology.

In May of 2006 Pat was honored as the first Global Visionary Fellow by the Foundation of Coaching for his Coaching the Global Village initiative to bring coaching methodologies to villages in developing countries and to leaders of non profits and nongovernmental organizations who serve them. He is passionate about coaching and dedicated to ensuring it remains a respected profession.

Pat has authored several articles and chapters and has co-authored or co-edited the following books:

Therapist as Life Coach: Transforming Your Practice (2nd Edition 2007)

Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons, Skills, and Techniques to Enhance Your Practice and Your Life. (2005)

Law and Ethics of Coaching: How to Solve and Avoid Difficult Problems in Your Practice. (2006)

Becoming a Professional Coach: Lessons from the Institute for Life Coach Training. (2007)

His personal approach is eclectic, drawn from his graduate education, life experiences and other professional training. After 16 years as a clinical psychologist, Pat joined CoachU in early 1996, graduating in 1997. He was recognized as one of the initial few as a Master Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation in 1998. He has trained with Tim Gallwey (author of The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Work) and John Whitmore (author of Coaching for Performance) utilizing coaching approaches from sports applied to business. He also trained with Iris Martin (author of From Couch to Corporation) on techniques for executive and corporate coaching, as well as Frederic Hudson's Life Launch Intensive Coach Training.

In addition, he has had NLP training and began executive coaching with The People Business in Ft. Collins, Colorado in 1990. He is a seasoned coach who has participated in many of the personal development approaches of the last three decades. His Psychology training emphasized approaches and theories of Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Abraham Maslow, Roberto Assagioli, William Glasser, Victor Frankl, Virginia Satir, and other theorists of the Humanistic Psychology and Human Potential Movement. His doctoral dissertation was published as a textbook entitled Transpersonal Psychology and the Evolution of Consciousness. (out of print)

Since 1990, Pat has been a personal and business coach, working in partnership with individuals who want to live an extraordinary life. Most of his coaching is done by telecoaching (or weekly telephone sessions) with additional support through email, fax, or additional phone calls as needed. The convenience of telecoaching allows him to have an international clientele. He specializes in therapists, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and executives and provides individual as well as group coaching to management teams, executives and professionals.

Pat presents workshops and speaks on a variety of topics related to personal and business excellence, and speaks worldwide on Life Coaching. He is a graduate and a former trainer with Coach University, one of the early coach training schools. In 1998, he recognized the need to provide training to mental health professionals who desired to add coaching to their business or who wanted to improve their therapy practice. He founded Therapist University (now The Institute for Life Coach Training), a "distance learning" forum with all classes taught by teleconferencing. His faculty are all seasoned therapists and successful coaches with varied backgrounds in formal Coach training. The curriculum for ILCT's Foundational Coach Training Program has been researched and drawn from Sports Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, NLP, Positive psychology, cognitive psychology, solution oriented theorists, and Corporate and Organizational Development as well as the growing body of Coaching Literature.

In all of his professional endeavors, Pat brings a whole-person approach to his work and presents himself with integrity, a deep sense of caring, and a lightness of spirit. His mission is to profoundly impact the lives of those he coaches and trains so that they may profoundly impact the lives of others.




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