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Services For The General Public

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.    
Director, Zur Institute, Sebastopol, CA
At the present time, Dr. Zur is not accepting new clients.

Dr. Zur is a licensed psychologist, author of four books and dozens of articles, lecturer and teacher, and consultant in private practice in Sebastopol CA.

This page details his services to the general public.

His other services include consultations for therapists and forensic consultations and expert witness services.

You can also review his biography and resume online.


Psychotherapy & Counseling: Mental Health Services

Psychotherapy & Counseling

Dr. Zur has been in private psychotherapy and consulting practice for over 20 years (CA Lic. #10763). He works with individuals and couples on issues of anxiety, depression, relationships, love, parenting, affairs and infidelity, Internet concerns, meaning and calling, ways to grow well into old age, and honorable ways of dealing with issues of mortality and death. His focus is on health and wellness rather than pathology and brokenness. A description of Dr. Zur's philosophy and approach to therapy and consultation.

Healing and Dealing With Infidelity and Marital Affairs

There are myths or erroneous beliefs that martial affairs always mean that something is wrong with the marriage or that it signifies the end of the marriage. The truth is that not all affairs are created equal. While some affairs are the result of revenge or a sexless marriage, others may have nothing to do with the quality of the marriage. Additionally, many couples not only survive the infidelity but, in fact, emerge stronger, more loving and more committed than ever. This consultation will attempt to help an individual or couple survive the infidelity crisis and help them effectively deal with the feeling of shock, betrayal, rage, jealousy, depression, revenge, etc. The consultation will help individuals assess the nature and type of affair and what may have fueled it (i.e., sex addiction, sexless marriage, midlife crisis, one-time affair, etc). Most importantly, the consultation will aim at helping individuals come to terms with the affair, take responsibility for their actions (or in-actions), let go of resentments and a sense of betrayal, shed feelings of victimization, and most importantly, heal and grow. It is highly recommended that prior to seeking consultation on this issue with Dr. Zur that you read his Infidelity Brochure and Victim paper. More in-depth study of the topic is available as an online course on Infidelity and Affairs: Realities, Myths and Effective Therapies. [Note: Due to the volume of inquires, Dr. Zur does not response to questions via email or phone message that are not part of an agreed upon and paid for consultation.]

Consultation & Psycho-Education

The following services do not constitute psychotherapy, counseling or mental health services. They are psycho-education or consulting services. Dr. Zur will refer you to a licensed mental health professional if he determines that psychological or mental-health intervention, treatment or assessment is needed.

Consultation on Internet Addiction and Tensions in Families Regarding Internet Use & Abuse

Consultation regarding Internet addiction or other situations concerned with Internet use, abuse, or over-use. This is a psycho-education service that aims to help people understand the psychology of excessive use of online gaming, porn, gambling, texting or social media, such as FaceBook. It can also help parents understand the behavior of their digital generation children, can educate families about the rift or tenstion between the digital immigrants parents and the digital native children, and can help spouses and partners to understand the nature of online affairs. (For Dr. Zur's views and writings on the topic, go to

Resurrecting The Village: Integration and recovery through a community of care for people with severe mental illness or chronic brain disorders (Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Depression) and their families.

This is an integrative, non-pathological and comprehensive approach to treat people with chronic brain disorders such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar (Manic, Manic-Depressive), and Depression. I developed this approach as a result of my experience of what a true village was in East Africa in the 1970s. In this approach I help "create" a "village" or community of care around the "sufferer." It is not a pathological approach that engages all the people who are significant or involved in the person's life. The "village" may include parents, stepparents, siblings, children, relatives, psychiatrist, neighbors, landlord or landlady, career counselor, cab drivers, etc. The main idea is to help people with chronic brain disorder live respectfully and meaningfully in their communities and avoid isolation in mental hospitals or other facilities. For more information on this approach, click here.

The Digital Divide at the Workplace and in Educational Institutions

This consultation will help HR personal, CEOs, directors and administrators better understand how young people (digital natives) operate in the workplace and educational institutions. It will help explain the digital natives' obsessive need to text and check their FB profiles and how their brains are able multitask and 'hop' extremely efficiently. Additionally, it will explain how the younger generation view work vs. play, the importance of collaboration and participation, their attitude towards authority, set working hours, tele-commute, and much more. The consultation would aim to help business people and educator feel less frustrated and more effective, efficient and productive in managing the young work force. (Sample of Dr. Zur's writing on the topic)

Consultations to Help You Understand & Evaluate Mental Health Services Options

This consultation is aimed to you understand and evaluate the different available options regarding mental health services to yourself, you child or other family member, colleague or friend. It will help you review the situation and map your options in regard to seeing counseling or psychotherapy. If possible, it will help you locate local psychotherapists or, when applied, ways to use telemental health (i.e., therapy via phone or video-conferencing). (Please, note: As with other services that fall under the 'Consulting' section, this service is neither a psychological assessment nor psychotherapy or counseling.)

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Dr. Zur is an experienced business, family, divorce and community mediator. Mediation at its best leads to a resolution that is more than a compromise. Its aim is satisfactory resolution for all parties, who may not initially envision a win/win option. While Dr. Zur neither conducts custody evaluations nor provides custody recommendations, he strongly believes in the value of collaborative divorce for the long term health of adults and children alike.

How to Avoid Being Shrunk By Your Shrink: Evaluate the psychotherapeutic services provided to you, your family member or others.

This consultation will help you evaluate and assess the quality and integrity of the mental health services being provided to you or other important people in your life. Dr. Zur will help you understand the different approaches to psychotherapy and counseling, ethical guidelines, and standard of care issues. While final determination of the ethical and legal issues regarding the therapy cannot be achieved in many situations without interviewing the therapist or counselor, Dr. Zur will help you formulate the questions based on the standard of care, state's law, and ethical guidelines. For more details of the areas that may be covered in these consultations, please go to Dr. Zur's Expert Witness page. Please, note: As with other services that fall under the 'Consulting' section of this page, this service is neither psychotherapy nor counseling.

Creative Wills, Living Trusts and Other Distribution of Assets

Many families, and particularly parents, are regularly struggling to find fair and just ways to allocate assets to other family members. Resentments, jealousy, disconnection, family feuds and lawsuits are often the result of parents' best intentions. Dr. Zur has developed a system where he facilitates not only the distribution of assets but also the distribution of love. Attending successfully to concerns of fairness, justice, and people's specific needs can assure that everyone can get what they want in financial as well as emotional terms. This process is not only likely to prevent bad feelings, resentment and long court battles, it can also enhance family ties and harmony.

Family Business Consultation: Where blood, money and power mix.

Family businesses provide families and individuals with the biggest challenge and with the most wonderful opportunities. They can break families apart or increase its love and connection. Family business is a unique environment where blood, money and power are mixed together. Emotion and financial forces are interwoven and hard to separate. These consultations are geared to increase business effectiveness through resolution of family and communication problems.

Dr. Zur's fees and registration for consultation services (not for psychotherapy or counseling) [Please note: payments are due prior to consultations.]

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