About the Author

Haim Weinberg, Ph.D.

Dr. Haim Weinberg Ph.D, is a licensed psychologist, group analyst and Certified Group Psychotherapist in private practice in Sacramento, California. He is the past President of the Israeli Association of Group Psychotherapy and of the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society (NCGPS). Dr. Weinberg is the list-owner of the group psychotherapy professional online discussion forum. He served as the Director of International Programs at the Professional School of Psychology in which he created and coordinates an online doctoral program in group psychotherapy. He co-edits a series of books about the social unconscious, wrote a book on Internet groups and co-authored a book on Fairy Tales and the social unconscious. His latest co-edited book is “Theory and Practice of Online Psychotherapy”. He published more than 20 book chapters and 40 articles in peer reviewed journals.