About the Author

Sage de Beixedon Breslin, Ph.D.

As a Licensed Psychologist and Consultant for more than a decade, Sage de Beixedon Breslin, Ph.D., has accumulated experience with diverse peoples and issues.

She has lived and worked in all regions of the United States and in Europe, developing an appreciation for many cultures, languages, faiths, and personal and professional styles. Her clients come from all walks of life: from hotel maintenance to high-powered executives, from grocery clerks to government officials, and from school teachers to security professionals.

Her corporate clients have varied in size, industry and geographic location. Sage has consulted with healthcare, financial, manufacturing, political, academic and technological teams, to name a few. Whether working with a team of six or six hundred, Sage’s style allows all to feel at ease.

As a consultant, Sage works primarily with corporate executives and high-security government personnel. She has provided forensic evaluation, assessment, debriefing, and consultation to all branches of the armed services as well as to employees of other security organizations.

Sage’s clients all have one thing in common: they are seeking to liberate themselves from internal and systemic constraints so that they can achieve their goals and live their dreams.

While trained analytically at Northwestern University, Sage now infuses the traditional structure with contemporary, innovative techniques for a powerful, transformational approach.

As an Educator, Sage has taught at both college and graduate school levels for nearly a decade. She has taught courses as basic as “Assertive Communication” and “Chemical Dependency” to topics as challenging as “Human Sexuality” and “Domestic Violence Prevention”.

Sage presents seminars and workshops on a variety of topics. She speaks on issues from fields such as Domestic Violence, Sexual Trauma, Integrative Medicine, Intuition, Stress Management, Women’s Issues, and Eating Disorders.

In addition to the online courses she prepares for Ofer Zur and Associates, Sage has published numerous articles and has a book entitled Lovers & Survivors: Living with and Loving a Sexual Abuse Survivor. Dr. Debeixedon Breslin’s web site is at www.healingheartcenter.org.