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Human Sexuality

10 CE Credit Hours - Online Course - $99.00

Developed by Sage de Beixedon Breslin, Ph.D.

Course fulfills Human Sexuality course requirements for psychologists, MFTs and LCSWs in California and other states.

Board Approvals for Psychologists, LMFTs, SWs, Counselors, & Nurses

Simply follow these steps:

1. Sign up securely online.
2. Read/watch articles & PowerPoint.

3. Submit evaluation & post-test.
4. Print your certificate.


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Human Sexuality This is an introductory course on Human Sexuality that reviews basic anatomy, sexual function and response, and challenges and disorders of sexual function. Diagnostic formulations and treatments for the disorders that clinicians are most likely to encounter in clinical practice are also presented. Finally, challenges and complexities of sexuality within special populations are reviewed.

This course is comprised of 24 documents and an audiotaped interview (transcript available) which have been grouped together by content. Basic information about the Human Reproductive System and the Sexual Response Cycle are provided in the first eight documents. Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction are covered in the next few articles. Most of the sexually transmitted diseases and sexual disorders are reviewed in the next section. Contraception alternatives are presented in the following article. The final six articles consider some of the issues and challenges posed by a few special populations. The audiotaped interview briefly outlines changes in the DSM-5 that affect the subject matter. Resources, references and updates are provided in the last document.

Educational Objectives:

    This course will teach the participant to
  • Explain basic anatomical function to their clients.
  • Describe the sexual response cycle.
  • List the continuum of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Identify the common treatments for STDs listed.
  • Summarize the sexual disorders which may be present for their male and female clients.
  • Review the challenges that may exist about sexuality and sexual function within special populations.
  • Note the contemporary treatments for sexual dysfunctions that men and women may experience.
  • Name the most common forms of contraceptives currently available.

Course Syllabus:

  • The Anatomy and Physiology of Men and Women
  • The Human Sexual Response Cycle
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • Identification & Classification
      • Venereal Disease
      • Gonorrhea
      • Syphilis
      • Chlamydia
      • Human Papillovirus (HPV)
      • HIV /AIDS
    • Causes
    • Clinical course
    • Diagnosis
    • Treatment
  • Contraception
  • Challenges with Sexual Function
    • Identification and Diagnosis
    • Etiology
    • Treatment
    • Challenges and disorders
      • Sexual desire in women
      • Anorgasmia
      • Vaginismus
      • Dyspareunia
      • Erectile dysfunction
      • Premature ejaculation
      • History of sexual abuse
      • Paraphilias
        • Sexual addiction
          • Non-contact addictions: Internet Pornography Addiction
      • Infertility
      • Pregnancy
  • Sexuality in special populations
    • GLBT: Gender identity, gender variance and transgender coming out
    • The elderly
    • The chronically ill or disabled
    • Adolescents
    • Perimenopausal women
    • Diverse populations
  • Diagnostic Changes in the DSM-5


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