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Providing quality, unique continuing education to mental health professionals since 1995

As one of the earliest companies to provide online continuing education courses to mental health professionals, Zur Institute continues to innovate by offering distinctive and cutting-edge perspectives rarely found elsewhere.

What makes Zur Institute Unique

Challenging unfounded myths or faulty beliefs is part of what causes us to stand out. Furthermore, we base our decisions regarding creation of new content on the following four principles.

Engaging: Who ever said CE courses need to be boring? While some of our courses are presented in more traditional styles, many include interviews with subject matter experts, who do not shirk challenging questions.  We provide a variety of learning modalities and address challenges professionals are likely to routinely encounter.

All our courses are presented in written format, over 80% have audio options, and many have video options as well.

Informative: Capturing your attention is great, but if content does not inform decision making, what’s the point.  Each of our courses provide tools, ideas, and/or interventions that are readily actionable.  When relevant, we provide checklists and forms, along with other tools to simplify the process of implementing what has been learned.

Diversity: Our content embraces diverse approaches and orientations.  We recognize the importance of addressing diversity across a broad-spectrum including, but not limited to, culture, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic variables.

Broadens and Transforms Thinking: We consider it a success if our courses stimulate expansion of thinking by challenging learners to examine assumptions and unfounded beliefs.

Our No Questions Asked Guarantee: Not every course suits every person’s need or matches their learning style.  If the course you purchase does not meet your expectation, we will either replace the course with another of your choosing – up to 6 months after date of purchase as long as the course has NOT been completed. Or provide a full refund up to 30 days after date of purchase as long as the course has NOT been completed.