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What makes Zur Institute Unique

At the Zur Institute challenging unfounded myths or faulty beliefs is a unique aspect of our program. For example, we offer a course on the Risk of Risk Management that, unlike many other courses offered by other CE providers, is not focused on fear of licensing boards or lawsuits but rather focuses on quality care, established therapeutic methodologies and high quality therapeutic relationships. Paradoxally, we aim to educate psychotherapists about the risks of and harm done by rigid risk management practices. The goals of our program is to replace therapists’ fear of boards, attorneys & lawsuits with clinical integrity & quality care.

Many of our courses are cutting-edge, dealing with topics such as the ethical & clinical aspects of Dual and Multiple Relationships, common sense and basic technologies for HIPAA Compliance, the ethics of Touch in Therapy and rethinking its prohibition in therapy, and the ethical, legal, clinical, technological, and practice considerations of TeleMental Health: The New Standard.

Our courses are offered in different formats so mental health practitioners can choose the format that suits them best: Texts, Audios and/or Videos.

In addition to providing high-level online continuing education, Dr. Zur has developed comprehensive and thorough forms and guides for Psychotherapists, Counselors & Mental Health Practitioners who want to thrive in fee-for-service private practice outside managed care (see Private Practice Tools).

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