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60 Essential Clinical Forms - REVISED 2020!

60 Essential Clinical Forms is our most popular product used by thousands of therapists! and is continuously updated with new forms and revised forms. Kit includes updated, ready-to-adapt essential clinical forms that all therapists must have forms. Just type your name and letterhead on the forms, adapt to your practice, and you are ready to give it to your clients.

These (non-HIPAA) forms include detailed Office Policies, Biographical Questionnaires, Treatment Plans, Consents, Releases, Sample bills, reports and letters, Marketing Plan and many other necessary forms. Kit includes the following forms (See complete list of forms)

Note: The Office Policies (Informed Consent) like all other forms in this Kit are basic and generic. You will need to adjust them so they are in compliance with your state’s laws and regulations, professional code of ethics, work setting and clientele.



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HIPAA Compliance Kit 9th Edition - Revised 2018!

HIPPA Compliance Kit is geared towards psychologists, counselors, social workers and other psychotherapists in private practice. Our 9th edition of the HIPAA Kit was revised to include the latest regulations and are available online in PDF format and Word Doc so you can access them instantaneously and modify them as necessary. You can copy the HIPAA Forms to your word processing program, insert your letterhead and name, make other necessary changes and adapt them to your particular practice.

HIPAA Compliance Kit
Simple steps to becoming compliant
HIPAA Compliance Checklists & Billing Options
Ready-to-use forms, such as the new mandatory Notice of Privacy
Risks Analysis
And much more!


Private Practice Essentials

Starting at $169

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