Artificial Intelligence and Mental Health: Possibilities and Applications

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Developed by Glenn Marks, Ph.D.

Course materials include videos, with audio versions and transcripts.

Introduction to course by Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

General Course Description

Once the stuff of science fiction, ready or not, technology and artificial intelligence is disrupting most aspects of contemporary life. The field of mental health is no exception. Rooted in the work of psychologists dating as far back as the 1940s, current applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are being researched and implemented in all aspects of the profession ranging from diagnosis to treatment to management of medical records.

This cutting-edge beginning course is based on a 2 hours video interview, which is also presented as audio and transcripts/texts. It begins with an explanation of terms used to describe the types of technology utilized in human machine interactions. Current and potential use in everyday applications is discussed with a specific focus on current and emerging trends in the fields of both medicine and mental health. Discussion of advantages and disadvantages of using computer-assisted technology are addressed, along with concerns that mental health professionals should be aware of. Questions regarding potential impact on the field are raised along with suggestions on ways practitioners and researchers can position themselves to prepare for, and take advantage of, technological interventions. Additional resources and references are provided for further study, but they are not part of the course.


  • Describe what artificial intelligence is and how it might be applied in the field of mental health.
  • Identify the difference between bots and AI applications as they apply to mental health.


  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Terminology
    • Algorithm
    • Bot
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Everyday Application of AI
    • Smart devices
    • Medicine
    • Current State of Artificial Intelligence Research
  • Mental Health Applications of AI
    • Training
    • Diagnosis
    • Suicide
    • Dementia
    • Other mental health concerns
  • Treatment
    • Bots
    • Virtual Reality
    • More
  • Concerns and Limitation of AI in its applications for medicine and mental health
  • Acceptability of usage by patients
  • AI implications for Mental Health Professionals
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