Borderline Personality Disorder: New Understanding, Better Outcomes

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Developed by Garry Cooper, LCSW

General Course Description

Probably no other mental disorder has stirred up more emotions and evoked more fascination and trepidation in therapists as the treatment of borderline personality disorder (BPD). BPD treatment can be volatile, unpredictable, intriguing, exhilarating and stressful. Once considered to be untreatable and hazardous to therapists who attempt treatment, BPD has undergone a significant re-conceptualization in terms of understanding its symptoms and causes, along with gaining better clarity in regard to prognosis and treatment. No longer considered an intractable condition, it is amenable to several treatments which have gained empirical support. Research shows that some of the most traditional therapeutic techniques can also be effective with BPD clients.

This 4 CE intermediate level course is comprised of one text article, three audios with text transcripts, and one video with audio and text transcript and covers the diverse symptoms and treatments of BPD. The initial part of the course is dedicated to providing an overview of the symptoms, diagnosis, and etiologies of BPD. The middle portion delves into the prognosis and various psychotherapy treatments for BPD. The last section includes an interview with Garry Cooper covering treatment of BPD, as well as a first-person description of therapy by a journalist with BPD. Additional resources and references are provided.

Educational Objectives

    This course will teach the participant to

  • Identify the symptoms of BPD and accurately diagnose it.
  • Summarize the principles of dialectical behavior therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and mentalization-focused treatments.
  • Compare the DSM-5 perspective and diagnosis of BPD with that of the latest Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual.
  • Summarize the interpersonal and therapy attachment issues of BPD.

Course Syllabus:

  • Overview of borderline personality disorder
    • Etiology & epidemiology
    • Symptoms
    • Neurobiological underpinnings
  • Perspectives on Diagnosis: DSM-5 and Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual
  • Prognosis & Treatment
    • BPD is treatable
    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
    • Schema-Focused, Transference-Focused and Mentalization-Based
    • Interpersonal Psychotherapy
    • STEPPS
    • Clinical treatment guidelines from American Psychiatric Association
  • Perspectives on the treatment process of psychotherapy for BPD
    • Rewards and dangers of attachment
    • Narrative of a journalist with BPD
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