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Counseling African American Women: Examining Strengths and Vulnerabilities

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Developed by Tamika Damond, Ph.D.

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General Course Description

African American women cope with life stressors in a variety of ways. Often times, talking to a mental health professional is the last resort. When they do, they report feeling misunderstood and unheard.

In this beginning-level course, which includes a video, audio and text transcript of her webinar, Dr. Tamika Damond discusses how African American women may present in therapy, commonly used coping strategies, factors related to the under-utilization of counseling services and the resulting maladaptive stress-related behaviors that threaten their mental health. Culturally responsive strategies and treatment options are discussed that can more effectively address underlying concerns that may not be readily apparent.

Educational Objectives:

    This course will teach the participant to

  • List common perceptions of stress, strength and mental health by African American women.
  • Describe how the attributes of strength affect African American women’s help-seeking behavior.
  • Identify culturally sensitive intervention strategies when counseling African American women.

Course Syllabus

  • Clinical Presentation of African American women in therapy
  • African American women’s perception of stress, strength and mental health
  • Contributing historical & sociocultural factors
  • Strength as an asset: What are its benefits?
  • Strength as a vulnerability: What are the liabilities?
  • Factors associated with help-seeking behavior
  • Intervention strategies and therapeutic suggestions or best Practices
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