Couples Therapy: New Solutions For Old Problems

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Developed by Marty Klein, Ph.D.

Course materials include videos, with audio versions and transcripts.

General Course Description

Most couples enter therapy with a specific vision of their problems. They may describe themselves as having “anger problems,” “sexual incompatibility” or “cheating issues”.  A vital question a therapist should ask is whether the clients’ framing of their situation is helpful or not, and if not, how they might want to change that. While looking at common themes emerging in couples therapy concerning intimacy, sex, and infidelity, Dr. Klein highlights the subtext of client narratives that can emerge with careful questioning, offering tools and strategies to work with such situations.

This intermediate-level course is composed of one video recording, with an audio version and transcript available. The presentation offers an overview of how to conceptualize couples therapy while exploring questions concerning intimacy, infidelity, and the assessment of a couple’s sexual relationship. Included are discussions of three cases.

Educational Objectives:

    This course will teach the participant to

  • Discuss how to deepen intimacy between couples.
  • Describe why discussing clients’ narratives of their problems is often necessary.
  • Utilize therapy with clients recovering from an affair.


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Course Syllabus:

  • Intimacy
    • Components of intimacy
    • Skills needed to create and maintain intimacy
    • Obstacles to create and maintain intimacy
    • Myths & unrealistic expectations
  • Reframing narratives
    • Identifying the narratives
    • Asking helpful questions
  • Infidelity
    • Approaches to working with someone who chose infidelity
    • The importance of not taking sides when working with infidelity
  • Assessing client’s sex life
    • The role of sex life assessment
    • Sex after reconciliation
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