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All materials are available as audios with transcripts.

Co-developed by Kimberly S. Young, Psy.D. and John R. Suler, Ph.D.


This four-course package offers a total of 15 CE credits and a comprehensive look at Psychology of the Web, including special courses on Cybersex and Internet & Adolescents.

Field leader Dr. Kimberly Young provides three courses covering Internet Addiction: an in-depth exploration of how internet addiction develops and what can be done about it; Cybersex and Internet Sex Addiction: understanding fidelity and sexuality in the context of the digital age crucial for treating couples in this day and age; and Internet & Adolescents: understanding digital natives’ relationship to technology and space ownership therein. In addition, Psychology of the Web & Therapeutic Interventions in Cyberspace is based on Dr. John Suler’s 2016 book Psychology of the Digital Age: Humans Become Electric.

Put together, these courses are a fantastic in-depth orientation to the digital age and its unique challenges of addiction and offerings of stimulation, networking and connection. Note: transcripts available for all audios and videos.

We are pleased to offer four courses in this area, combined in this package for a total savings of $51.

  • You do not have to complete a package or a course in one sitting.
  • You can complete these courses in more than one session over a three-year period.

Package is comprised of the following 4 online courses:

Cybersex and Internet Sex Addiction AudioArticles
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Cost: $105.00

Save $51.00

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