Resolving Sexual “Dysfunction” For Non-Specialists

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Developed by Marty Klein, Ph.D.

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General Course Description

Most therapists don’t ask their couples or individuals about sexuality – we don’t have much training in it, don’t want to offend anyone, and may not have the world’s best sex life ourselves. But sexuality is typically an issue in cases involving intimacy, power struggles, self-esteem, body image, infidelity, medication non-compliance, and more.

In this course, Dr. Marty Klein provides a different way of looking at sexual issues, so therapists will be more comfortable raising the subject. He’ll talk about how to ask important questions, when, why – and how to use patients’ answers to advance the therapy.

This beginner/intermediate level course contains two segments presented in video, audio or text versions. In the first section, Dr. Klein describes traditional and innovative ways both patients and therapists conceptualize sexual function and “dysfunction,” and the treatment implications of each. In the second section, he provides guidance on how to work with people’s beliefs about their bodies, arousal and desire, gender, aging – and that most common sexual question, “Am I normal?” Information is drawn from current research in psychology, sociology, cross-cultural studies, and Dr. Klein’s 40,000 therapy sessions with couples and individuals of all genders and orientations.

Educational Objectives:

    This course will teach the participant to:

  • Describe an innovative definition of “sexual dysfunction”
  • Identify several practical interventions to help patients with sexual difficulties
  • Explain the importance of identifying patients’ sexual narratives


  • Main theme
    • Conventional definition of sexual dysfunction—and how it’s part of the problem
    • Alternative definition, which creates many innovative treatment options
    • What is healthy sexual function?
  • Issues
    • Why sexual narratives matter
    • Everyone has conditions for sexual satisfaction
    • The anatomy of sexual arousal
  • Patients’ Experience of Sexuality
    • What is “normal” sexuality?
    • What are reasonable sexual expectations?
  • Clinical Interventions
    • Challenging common ideas about sexuality
    • Sexual self-acceptance
    • Improving patients’ sexual communication
  • Sexual Intelligence
    • A humane vision of sexual function accessible to everyone
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