Risk Management: The Suicidal Patient

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Developed by Neil Kobrin, Ph.D. and Silva Hassert, Ph.D.,

General Course Description

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This course will explore topics such as: Common Claims Against Clinicians, Standard of Care, Assessment Techniques, Treatment Planning, Evaluating Risk Factors for Suicide, and Documentation, as well as other pertinent areas of concern when dealing with the suicidal patient.

This intermediate-level course is comprised of 1 video of a PowerPoint slide presentation (text transcript provided). It is an in-depth analysis of the methodology of risk assessment and management when faced with potentially suicidal patients. Strategies to manage risk are presented, as well as how to assess and work with suicidal patients. Interventions, treatment planning and guidelines for documentation are also covered in this course. Additional resources and references are provided for further study, but they are not part of the course.

This Course is also available as part of a package – Order NOW

Educational Objectives:

    This course will teach the participant to

  • Learn strategies to manage risk in clinical practice.
  • Understand how to assess and work with suicidal, homicidal, and other risky behavior.
  • Use resources to guide interventions and treatment plans.
  • Review guidelines for documentation and consultation.


  • Bongar, B, & Sullivan. (2013). The Suicidal Patient: Clinical and Legal Standards of Care, Third Edition. APA Books
  • Bundy, C, & Schreiber, M & Pascualy, M (2014). Discharging your patients who display contingency-based suicidality: 6 steps. Current Psychiatry. 2014 January;13(1):e1-e3
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  • Willer, J (2014). The Beginning Psychotherapist’s Companion, Second Edition. New York, Oxford University Press.

Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction
  • Common Claims Against Clinicians
  • Standard of Care
  • Assessment Practices
  • Social/Environmental Risk Factors for Suicide
  • Confidentiality and Competence
  • Treatment Planning
  • Assessing Suicide Risk
  • 5150
  • Documentation
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