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Internet Pornography and Couples

4 CE Credit Hours - Online Course - $39.00

Developed by Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

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General Course Description

Internet Pornography and CouplesInternet pornography use is so widespread that it's become a common presenting issue in couples therapy. According to some recent estimates, there are as many as 225 million Internet users in the United States and Canada, and 31% of these users visit sites with sexual content. A survey by Ayers and Haddock in the 2009 issue of Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity found that 74% of 99 MFTs surveyed had seen couple clients dealing with pornography issues in the past year. What drives pornography users, and where is the line between recreational use, compulsivity and addiction? Does heavy Internet pornography use affect couples' intimacy? How should therapists address the issue?

This introductory course begins by presenting a general overview of the issues, definitions and levels of Internet pornography use and explains some of the ways in which it affects couples. It then examines specifically how women are affected when they discover their mates are using Internet pornography. It then presents a case study of a couple facing the issue and describes the principles and techniques of a specific therapy model--structural family therapy. Additional resources and references are provided for further study, but they are not part of the course.

Educational Objectives

    This course will teach the participant to:
  • Distinguish between Internet infidelity and Internet pornography addiction.
  • Describe a structural family therapy treatment for treating Internet pornography use.
  • Identify the psychological effects on women who discover their mates are using Internet pornography.
  • Describe the Triple A engine of Internet pornography.

Course Syllabus

  • Distinguishing between Internet infidelity and Internet addiction
    • Symptoms of each
    • Different treatments for each
  • The power of Internet pornography
    • The Triple Engine of Availability, Affordability and Anonymity
    • The ACE model
    • Different allures for men and for women
  • Prevalence of Internet pornography use
  • The effects on women when they discover their mates using Internet pornography
    • Self-reappraisal
    • Relationship reappraisal
    • Effects on trust
    • Effects on sexual intimacy
  • Structural family therapy for treating Internet pornography use
    • Definition and description of structural family therapy
    • Principles of change
    • Case study


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