Bodymind: Goodbye to Dualism

Clinical Update

By Zur Institute

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BodyMind: Goodbye to DualismMany in the Western world have suffered under the prevalent concept of mind-body dualism. Separation of the soul from body in people’s conception of self leads to a host of health problems, emotional and physical alike. In response to this societal problem, forward-thinking professionals embrace a new concept of Bodymind. This approach allows for a respect of the person as a whole, and the addressing of problems on the somatic level.

“You can see their eyes light up. You just have to find that one little thing, that one little opening, and then you can work on from there. …open that door to the relationship.”
~ Dr. Jason Holder on Adventure-Based Psychotherapy

“You honor everyone’s map of the world. No one who comes through my door is broken. They do what they do, they do it very well. However, they may want more options, to make better choices.”       ~ Randy Clere, Lic. Ac., CH. MNLP


Did you know…
  • Whether trauma originates as physical or emotional does not influence how it is stored in the bodymind.
  • The brain needs certain ingredients to function well; vitamins and minerals can replace the need for psychiatric medication in many cases.
  • The word “psyche” originally meant “soul”.
  • Inflammation affects brain chemistry by reducing serotonin.
  • Exercise often outperforms psychiatric drugs.
  • With some clients, tea and other rituals can help build rapport.
  • Sports and fitness are not necessarily the same thing.

“The expert on pain is the person who has it.”       ~ Dr. Maggie Philips