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Ofer Zur
Retirement of Therapists: Ethical, Legal, Clinical and Psychological ConsiderationsMyths and Faulty Beliefs Regarding Ethics and the Standard of Care in Psychotherapy & CounselingTo Zip or Not To Zip (One’s Lips), Therapist Self-Disclosure: Ethical and Clinical Considerations (Revised 2022)Standard of Care in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Shedding Clarity on an Elusive StandardTermination in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Ethical, Legal, and Clinical IssuesSubpoenas and How to Handle Them: Ethical and Legal ConsiderationsRecord keeping in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Ethical, Legal and Clinical Issues (with Clinical Forms)Record keeping in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Ethical, Legal and Clinical Issues25 Ways to Protect Your LicenseUnderstanding And Treating Intergenerational Transmission of TraumaDigital Ethics: Keeping Abreast of Clinical and Ethical ConsiderationsAdvanced Topics in Clinical SupervisionSupervision: Advanced Topics, Ethics, and LawTele-Supervision: Legal, Technical, and Clinical ConcernsConfidentiality in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Ethical, Legal, & Clinical IssuesNew York State Professional Ethics For PsychologistsBartering in Psychotherapy: Ethical ConsiderationsPsychopharmacology: General & Disorder-Specific Ethical & Clinical ConsiderationsTeleMental Health: Practical Applications for Delivering Psychotherapy and Counseling via TelehealthPain Management With the ElderlyRural Practice: Therapeutic Boundaries and Dual RelationshipsManaging Multiple Relationships in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Ethical and Clinical ConsiderationsFees In Psychotherapy and Counseling: Clinical, Ethical and Management ConsiderationsSupervising Via Distance TechnologyTouch in Psychotherapy II: Advanced Standard of Care, Clinical & Ethical ExplorationsTouch in Therapy I: The Ethics of Touch in Psychotherapy & CounselingPower in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Rethinking the ‘Power-Differential’ Myth and Exploring the Moral, Ethical, Clinical, and Practice Issues of Power in TherapyRural Practice: Therapeutic Boundaries, Dual Relationships, and Ethical ConsiderationsSuicide Assessment and InterventionDual Relationships: The Ethical WayTeleMental Health: The New Standard – Ethical, Legal, Clinical, Technological, and Practice ConsiderationsRisk Management: Towards Ethical Risk Management PracticesOut-Of-Office Experiences: Ethical and Clinical Considerations for Encounters Outside the Office WallsGifts in Psychotherapy: Ethical and Clinical ConsiderationsPsychological TestingCA Law and Professional Ethics: Ethics of Psychotherapy and CounselingChemical Dependency and Substance Abuse: The Disorder and Its TreatmentHIPAA Made Friendly: Ethics, Law, and Updated RegulationsEthical Decision-Making in Psychotherapy: On Being Moral, Ethical and ProfessionalTreating Trauma, PTSD and Traumatic Brain InjuryPost-Traumatic Growth: Beyond Survival and RecoveryClients’ Attachment Styles and Therapy OutcomesBoundaries and the Movies: Learning About the Ethics of Therapeutic Boundaries Through MoviesBoundaries in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Ethical and Clinical ConsiderationsIn-Home Therapy, the Ethics of Home Visits, and Home-Based TherapyIntimate Spousal and Partner ViolencePower Relationships in Psychotherapy – Ethical Considerations: Rethinking Therapists’ Omnipotence and Clients’ “Inherent” Vulnerability