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Corona Virus & TeleMental Health: Act Now

With the corona virus causing major concerns and even panic in some sections, there was never a more appropriate and relevant time than now to get educated/trained and offer existing and new clients TeleMental Health services.

Changes & Updates to the Telemental Health Landscape Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Emergency

Offering clients psychotherapy or counseling from the safety and comfort of their own homes is an increasingly common, appropriate, and effective way to provide mental health services these days.

As you may be aware, many insurance companies have recently informed clinicians that telemental health services are likely to be covered.

To remind you of the basics: Unless special regulations apply to your circumstances, for now, provide telemental health services only to clients who reside in the state where you are licensed and practice.

In addition to addressing health concerns, the research is clear that telemental health is cost-effective, serves as an effective approach to delivering care, and allows for well-matched therapeutic relationships where they were unavailable before.

Our Online CE Courses in
TeleMental Health & Digital Ethics:

TeleMental Health Issues During COVID-19 Emergency Response
2 CE Credits

TeleMental Health: The New Standard
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TeleMental Health: Practical Applications
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Digital and Social Media Ethics
8 CE Credits

Telepsychology & TeleMental Health 101
2 CE Credits

Online Group Psychotherapy
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6 CE Credits

Supervision via Distance Technology
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TeleMental Health & Digital Ethics
26 CE Credit Hours
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