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58 Essential Clinical Forms & More

Revised 2018

Basic Tools For Psychotherapists, Counselors, MFTs & SWs
In Private Practice

Our most popular product used by thousands of therapists!

  • Clinical FormsMany of these forms are a MUST for psychotherapists in private practice.
  • Simply download them and insert your name, create your own letterhead, adapt them to your practice, and you are ready to go.
  • These forms include detailed Office Policies, Biographical Questionnaires, Treatment Plans, Consents, Releases, Sample bills, reports and letters, Marketing Plan and many other needed forms.
  • These Clinical Forms are available online ONLY in Word Document format. You can access them instantaneously online, copy them to your word processing program, insert your letterhead and name, adapt them to your particular practice, and you're all set.
  • Note: We do not mail hard copies or CDs. This offer is only for online downloads.
  • Note: The Office Policies (Informed Consent) like all other forms in this Kit are basic and generic. You will need to adjust them so they are in compliance with your state's laws and regulations, professional code of ethics, work setting and clientele.
  • Note: Receive the Clinical Forms AND CE Credit Hours via our Record Keeping Online Course. Forms purchased on this page do NOT include the CE course and credits.
  • List of forms below
  • This package of forms does not include HIPAA Forms. Find HIPAA Kit and Forms here. You can also purchase both sets of forms below.


58 Essential Clinical Forms Online (ONLY as Word .doc) Revised 2018!

Solo Practitioner: $99.00
Small Practice (2-4 Clinicians): $149.00
Small Group (5-10 Clinicians): $299.00


Practice Essentials II:

Solo Practitioner: $199.00
Small Practice (2-4 Clinicians): $299.00
Small Group (5-10 Clinicians): $650.00


Private Practice Essentials I

Solo Practitioner: $169.00
Small Practice (2-4 Clinicians): $270.00
Small Group (5-10 Clinicians): $570.00

This package includes the following forms, which no clinician should practice without:

Form #1: Office Policies & Informed Consent: This form must be read and signed before or at the beginning of the very first session. Practicing without this form may be an ethical violation and may put you below the standard of care.

Form #2: Biographical Questionnaire: Have your client fill out this three-page questionnaire before the first session. You need this information in your clients' clinical files.

Clinical Forms

Form #5: Initial Assessment - After the first session: This simple two page form includes a mental status exam, DX or focus of treatment, and basic treatment plan. It is proof that you know what and how you treat your clients.

Form #17: Authorization to Release Information: You should never release info before your clients sign this form (unless it is required by the law).

Form #23: Termination Summary: This basic form must be filled out and placed in the clinical file for each client that you have terminated with.

Form #43 and 44: Treatment Plan: A simple to fill out, two page form, articulating your DX impressions or focus of treatment, identifying short and long term goals, and outlining the type of intervention you intend to use.

Form #50: Professional Will: Prepare for the unexpected and unavoidable. It is unethical to practice without such a will and can cause major problems to your beloved ones and your estate.


Private Practice Forms Included:

Most Essential - Initial Forms

1. Office Policies & General Information, Agreement for Psychotherapy Services or Informed Consent for Psychotherapy
2. Biographical Information - Intake Form (3 pages)
3. Biographical Information - Intake Form, (electronic version)
4. Biographical Information (1 page)
5. Initial Assessment after the First Session

Addendums to Office Policies (Form #1)

6. Social Networking and Online Search Policies
7. Dual (or Multiple) Relationships
8. Therapy via Phone, Text or Email
9. Treatment of Minors
10. Group Therapy
11. Touch in Therapy
12. Home Office
13. Bartering

Consents and Authorizations

14. Coaching Informed Consent
15. Consent for Treatment of Minors & Others
16. Consent to Use Touch in Psychotherapy
17. Authorization Consenting to Release Information - pre-HIPAA
18. Responsibility to Pay for Sessions
19. Consent for a Visitor to Attend a Session
20. Collateral Therapy Consent
21. Permission to Record or Photograph Psychotherapy Session
22. Consent to Record or Videotape Training Session

Termination Forms and Letters

23. Termination Summary
24. Discontinuation of Therapy Letter (Premature Termination Letter)
25. Therapy is Terminated Due to Lack of Progress - Letter
26. Therapy is Terminated Due to Adverse UR Decision - Letter
27. Overdue Payment Letter


28. Sample Bill/Invoice
29. Super Bill
30. Patient's Ledger

Private Practice Management Forms

31. Intern Evaluation
32. Progress Notes (SOAP, etc.)
33. Phone Consultation Form
34. Tax Deductible Expenses
35. Confidentiality Statement, Employees
36. Tracking Referral Source
37. Marketing Plan, Outline
38. FAX Cover Sheet
39. Email Signature, Re: Confidentiality
40. Outlines for a Letter Resigning from Managed Care Panels
41. Number of Sessions-Update
42. Telemedicine Disclosure/Informed Consent

Treatment Plans

43. Treatment Plan-Initial
44. Update - Treatment Plan

Subpoena & Forensic Related Forms

45. Responding to a Subpoena
46. Request for Confidential Records
47. Forensic Agreement & Fee Schedule- Expert Witness
48. Affidavit of Merit
49. Directive to Protect Mental Health Information
50. Professional Will
51. Personal Injury Doctor's Lien

Clinical Related Forms

52. Obsessive/Compulsive/Drug Abuse Log
53. Suicide Check List
54. Suicide Contract

Therapist's Self-assessment & Professional Development

55. Discover Your Vocation - Infusing Your Life with Joy
56. Therapists: Explore Your Relationships to Money and Marketing
57. Therapists' Self-assessment for Treating Different Aspects of Life
58. Therapists' Self-assessment for Clinical Skills



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