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Ken Wilber

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Integral Resources on the Web

  • Integral Spiritual Center:
    One of Wilber’s multiplex projects that brought together dozens of the world’s leading transformative spiritual practitioners from all major religious traditions. Their goal is to apply Integral Psychology to their traditions to reform and update their authentic transformative practices and teachings.
  • Integral Diagrams
    Over 200 charts and images to help conceptualize foundational AQAL-4 and AQAL-5 ideas.
  • Integral World: Exploring Theories of Everything:
    Frank Visser’s Dutch website. Visser wrote a book called Ken Wilber: Thought as Passion (2000). This site contains hundreds of articles, but is not a peer-reviewed site, so take it with a grain of salt (e.g., the calls for a post-Wilber integral are premature as long as Wilber continues to publish new material).
  • Spiral Dynamics Integral:
    Don Beck has developed and applied Clare Graves’ Integral Psychology for the past thirty years to various political, social, and economic real world situations, most notably working behind the scenes to help end Apartheid in South Africa as a consultant in the 1980s. Beck updated SDi to include Wilber’s quadrants in 2002, but limited his levels to the eight identified by Graves. Thus, he doesn’t emphasize integral spirituality the way Wilber does, and Beck now refers to SDi as 4Q/8L. Beck has recently begun to collaborate with the American Psychology Association to create a new field called Large-Scale Psychology.
  • Center for Human Emergence:
    Don Beck’s integral meshwork of Integral Psychologists and SDi practitioners.

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Wilber Critics

  • Criticism of the Writing of Ken Wilber:
    An excellent overview of criticism of Wilber’s AQAL-4 and AQAL-5 writings.
  • A Spectrum of Wilber Critics:
    Another excellent overview of some of the most salient Wilber critiques.
  • This is a book, not a link, but we include it to show that Wilber has done his best to address critics for years, in spite of claims to the contrary. See Ken Wilber in Dialogue: Conversation with Leading Transpersonal Thinkers, (1998), ed. Donald Rothberg and Sean Kelly, Quest Books, Wheaton, IL.

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