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Private Practice Essentials

Clinical Update February 2015

By Zur Institute

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Whether you’re new in private practice or a seasoned veteran, every psychotherapy business has room for improvement. especially in this digital age. ¬†As always, we have numerous free resources at our Private Practice Resources page.

Private Practice Essentials

Traditional MarketingPrivate Practice Handbook

  • Assess and evaluate your relationships to money and fees. Especially, debunk the myth that there is not enough money out there for people to pay out of pocket for therapy.
  • Market to your own community by being visible, present and helpful via local newspaper columns and free presentations on topics that are relevant to the community, etc.
  • Become an expert-educator by serving on local boards, committees, etc.

Online Marketing

  • A Must: Creating a website which gives the viewer a quick and clear view of your competency and caring. A short video of 1-2 minutes is ideal (you can record it on your smart phone).
  • Social Networking marketing via FB page, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Blog on topics close to your heart and expertise.

Practicing Outside Managed Care

  • How to tell clients about the potential hazards of managed care and why you choose not to be an ‘approved provider’.
  • Explain to clients how mangled care may significantly compromise their privacy.
  • Have clients pay you in full, each session. Give them an invoice (or superbill) if they want to submit it to their insurance.


  • Have all your clinical forms and HIPAA forms updated and ready, especially your informed consent, HIPAA NPP (if you are a Covered Entity), Initial assessment, Treatment Plan, Authorization, Termination, etc.
  • Competently keep clinical records
  • Learn how to respond to subpoenas
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Professional wills
  • Clients’ request for records
  • Prevent burnout and vicarious traumatization
  • Be prepared to deal with licensing boards’ inquiries

TeleMental Health

While TeleMental health is not exploding in comparison with TeleMedicine, some essential digital communications are a must in the digital age. Learn the ethical issues and management of the most important issues:

  • E-Mail with clients
  • Texting with clients
  • Videoconferencing with clients
  • Googling clients
  • FB friending with clients
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Computer/Tablet/Cell Phone security

Business Management

  • Learn about tax-deductible items
  • Consider incorporating (LLC or Inc.)
  • Learn how to manage the home office
  • Professional will
  • Much more