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This online package includes the entire HIPAA Compliance Kit and HIPAA Forms updated with significant updates and revisions of the Security Rule, Online presence, and much more.


This package will provide a comprehensive understanding of the HIPAA regulations articulated by three experts, Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, Bruce Borkosky, Psy.D., and Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

2013 saw new changes in HIPAA, and a turning point in mental health private practice. The federal government is using HIPAA as a lever to enact changes for the future of American health care, including mental health care. HIPAA, both the old and the new, is entirely manageable for solo mental health practitioners so long as we take the time to understand and implement it. This package will be your guide in doing that. The package includes additional changes regarding how HIPAA interacts in the ever-changing digital technology.

These three courses provide the latest revisions of the regulations and describe to you in detail the implications of the Omnibus or Final Rule to your psychotherapy, counseling, or social work practice and additional implications of the Security Rule as of 2016 regarding internet technologies. It clarifies ways to secure computers, smartphones, and hard drives and explains how to view issues of encryption when it comes to e-mail, texts, hard drives, back-up disks, and much more. Finally, it discusses HIPAA’s patient access rights to records.

The package includes HIPAA Forms that you can personalized and use in your practice and 9 hrs of video-interviews on the different security and privacy issues as related to your practice.

We are pleased to offer three courses in this area, combined in this package for a total savings of $64.

  • You do not have to complete a package or a course in one sitting.
  • You can complete these courses in more than one session over a three-year period.

Package is comprised of the following 3 online courses:

HIPAA and Technology in Mental Health Practices Articles Videos
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Cost: $199.00

Save $64

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